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Elevate Your Tech Career with Free Google Cloud Courses

Free Google Cloud Courses

While Google’s free cloud-based courses for May have ended, there’s still fantastic news for those looking to upskill in this in-demand field! Google Cloud is renowned for its comprehensive suite of online courses, and new opportunities are constantly emerging.

About Google

Google, an American multinational technology company, is a powerhouse in artificial intelligence, online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics. Often referred to as “the most powerful company in the world” and one of the most valuable brands, Google dominates the market with its innovative technology and extensive data collection capabilities.

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Founded on September 4, 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, then PhD students at Stanford University, Google has grown exponentially. Together, they own about 14% of the company’s publicly listed shares and control 56% of its stockholder voting power through super-voting stock. Google went public in 2004 via an initial public offering (IPO). Today, its parent company, Alphabet Inc., stands alongside Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft as one of the Big Tech giants.

Free Cloud-Based Courses for All College Students

Google Cloud is offering five incredible cloud-based courses for college students from any stream. These courses are perfect for those eager to dive into the world of cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

1. A brief introduction to generative AI

This introductory-level microlearning course explains what Generative AI is, how it is used, and how it differs from traditional machine-learning methods. You will also explore Google tools that help you develop your own Generative AI applications.

Free Google Cloud Courses

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Basics of Generative AI
  • Key differences between Generative AI and traditional machine learning
  • Utilizing Google tools for Generative AI development

Complete the course to earn a badge that showcases your new skills. Boost your cloud career by demonstrating your expertise!

Course Link –A brief introduction to generative AI

2. The Large Language Model: An Introduction

This course provides an introduction to large language models (LLMs), their use cases, and how prompt tuning can enhance LLM performance. You’ll also learn to use Google tools for developing your own Generative AI applications.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Fundamentals of large language models
  • Use cases and applications of LLMs
  • Techniques for prompt tuning to improve LLM performance

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Earn a badge upon completion and highlight your proficiency in large language models.

Course Link –The Large Language Model: An Introduction

3. The Responsibility of Artificial Intelligence

Learn about responsible AI, its importance, and how Google implements it in its products. This course also introduces Google’s seven AI principles, ensuring ethical AI development.

Free Google Cloud Courses

What You’ll Learn:

  • Basics of responsible AI
  • Importance of ethical AI practices
  • Google’s AI principles and their application

Receive a badge upon completing this course, showcasing your understanding of responsible AI practices.

Course Link – The Responsibility of Artificial Intelligence

4. An efficient design process in Vertex AI

This course teaches you about prompt engineering, image analysis, and multimodal generative techniques within Vertex AI. You will discover how to craft effective prompts, guide Generative AI output, and apply Gemini models to real-world scenarios.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Prompt engineering and design
  • Techniques for image analysis and multimodal generation
  • Practical applications of Vertex AI in marketing

Complete the skill badge course and final assessment challenge lab to earn a digital badge from Google Cloud.

Course Link – An efficient design process in Vertex AI

5. Google Cloud AI Principles: Applying AI Principles

As AI and ML usage grows, building them responsibly is crucial. This course provides insights into how Google Cloud operationalizes responsible AI, sharing best practices and lessons learned to help you create your own responsible AI approach.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Implementing responsible AI in enterprises
  • Best practices and frameworks for ethical AI development
  • Lessons from Google Cloud’s responsible AI initiatives

Showcase your commitment to ethical AI by earning a badge after completing this course.

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Course Link Google Cloud AI Principles: Applying AI Principles

Get Started Today!

These courses offer a fantastic opportunity to elevate your tech career. By completing these courses, you can earn valuable badges that demonstrate your skills and knowledge in cloud computing and AI. Don’t miss out on these free resources—start learning with Google Cloud today!

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