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Top 3 Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Program – Apply Now!

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Hi, Learners in today’s blog I am going to tell you about the 3 best cybersecurity courses which are offered by leading tech giants like Google, IBM, and Microsoft, there will be a staggering 3.5 million vacant roles in this field alone, with an average salary exceeding 6 lakhs per annum. This coveted skill is known as Cybersecurity analysis. So Without any further delay let’s start today’s blog. read below!

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Alarming Cybersecurity Trends:

In just three years, India has incurred a staggering 10,319 crore loss due to cyberattacks. Moreover, the rate of cyberattacks has surged by 278% since 2021. This alarming trend is just the tip of the iceberg, especially with the advancement of AI, which has made cyberattacks even more prevalent and sophisticated.

Understanding Cybersecurity Roles:

Cyberattacks can vary in severity, from simple theft of personal banking information to compromising sensitive data of large corporations, and even facilitating terrorist activities. To combat these vulnerabilities, skilled cybersecurity professionals are indispensable. It’s crucial to note that companies seek skilled employees, not just employees with basic qualifications. Therefore, before blaming external factors for job rejections, it’s essential to reflect on one’s own skills.

Essential Skills for Cybersecurity Analysts:

Cybersecurity offers various specialized roles, including Cybersecurity Analyst, Computer Forensic Analyst, IT Security Specialist, and more. Each role entails unique responsibilities tailored to combat cybercrime effectively. For instance, a Cybersecurity Analyst is tasked with identifying loopholes to mitigate cyber threats.

To become a Cybersecurity Analyst, a bachelor’s degree is typically required. While a tech-related degree like BTech or BCA is advantageous, individuals with non-tech degrees like BA or BCom can also transition into this field based on their skill set and domain knowledge.

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Key Skills to Master:

To excel in the role of a Cybersecurity Analyst, proficiency in scripting, networking, SIEM, IDS, firewalls, incident response, penetration testing, and other essential skills is paramount.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Free Job Training Opportunities:

Now, let’s explore how you can access free job training provided by industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, and IBM. These companies offer professional certificate courses designed to impart practical skills, prepare resumes, and conduct mock interviews, thereby grooming candidates for entry-level cybersecurity roles.

1. Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate:

This beginner-level course spans six months and covers essential topics such as cloud computing security, network security, and penetration testing. Upon completion, candidates are not only equipped with the requisite skills but are also prepared for the Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst SC-900 Exam.

2. Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate:

This six-month course covers Python programming, SIEM tools, SQL, Linux, and more, providing a holistic understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals.

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3. IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Certificate:

This four-month course focuses on data protection, endpoint security, SIEM, and other critical aspects of cybersecurity.

Accessing Financial Aid for Free Courses:

While these courses are typically paid, candidates can avail themselves of financial aid to enroll for free. After selecting the desired course, applicants can apply for financial aid, and upon approval within 15 days, they can access the course for free or at a significant discount.

Continuing Education and Advancement:

For those seeking advanced skills, a comprehensive roadmap is provided by Roadmap. sh offers guidance on mastering industry-standard cybersecurity skills. By leveraging the recommended resources, including articles, videos, eBooks, and practice tests, individuals can become highly proficient cybersecurity experts.

In conclusion, the field of cybersecurity presents abundant opportunities for those equipped with the right skills and knowledge. With free training programs offered by industry leaders, aspiring cybersecurity professionals can embark on a rewarding career path with confidence.

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