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Google Gemini: 8 Free Courses You Can’t Miss! [certificate available]

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In today’s Blog, I will tell you about Google’s recent reveal resource – 8 Gemini Free Courses aimed at helping you become a pro with this impressive AI tool.

Whether you’re a developer, a data scientist, or just intrigued by where AI is headed, Google Gemini Free Courses provide a clear path to mastering Gemini and boosting your skills. So, jump in and discover all the amazing things you can do!

About Courses

Google Gemini, the talk of the town in the realm of chatbots, offers a treasure trove of learning opportunities through eight free courses! Whether you’re a tech aficionado or a complete newbie, these courses are tailor-made to suit your learning style, empowering you to harness Gemini’s prowess for a myriad of applications.

Remember Duet AI, Google’s trusty old companion? Well, it’s now seamlessly integrated into Gemini! Previously, it quietly worked its magic in Gmail and Docs, refining your content creation process. But now, it’s all about Gemini! And Google has curated eight free courses to ensure you become a Gemini whiz in no time. So, let’s dive right in!

Google Gemini Free Courses

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Why Should You Dive into Google’s Gemini Free Courses?

Google’s Gemini Free Courses are like gold dust for anyone looking to upskill or embark on a journey of professional development. From data analytics to machine learning, cloud computing to digital marketing, these courses offer a gateway to new skills and knowledge, all from a trusted source, and guess what? They won’t cost you a penny! The beauty of these courses lies in their online accessibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like. Completing these courses not only showcases your commitment to self-improvement but also opens doors to career advancement or transition. Moreover, they cover personal growth topics such as effective communication and time management, nurturing holistic development both personally and professionally.

The Eight Must-Take Courses by Google Gemini Free Courses

Let’s take a peek at the eight courses offered by Google:

1. Application Developers with Gemini

Dive into this course to unveil how Gemini, Google Cloud’s AI-powered assistant, lends a helping hand to developers in app creation. From deciphering code to suggesting Google Cloud tools and even crafting code for your own apps, Gemini has your back! Through practical labs, you’ll gain hands-on experience, making app development a breeze.

Course Link:- Click Here

Google Free Courses
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2. For Cloud Architects: Gemini

This course demystifies how Gemini simplifies infrastructure setup for administrators. Learn to ask Gemini about infrastructure, set up GKE clusters, and tweak existing infrastructure effortlessly. Interactive labs offer a firsthand glimpse into how Gemini streamlines the deployment process of GKE, Google’s Kubernetes Engine.

Course Link:- Click Here

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3. Analytics and Data Science with Gemini

Explore how Gemini, powered by AI technology from Google Cloud, aids in deciphering customer data and predicting product sales. Delve into methods of discovering and organizing new customers using data stored in BigQuery. Through interactive exercises, experience firsthand how Gemini streamlines data analysis and machine learning processes.

Course Link:- Click Here

4. Engineering for Network Engineers with Gemini

Discover how Gemini can revolutionize network engineering! With Gemini, mastering the art of building, editing, and maintaining VPC networks becomes a cakewalk. Unlike mere online searches, Gemini offers tailored advice for networking tasks. Immerse yourself in hands-on labs to witness how Gemini simplifies working with Google Cloud VPC networks.

Course Link:- Click Here

5. Security Engineers with Gemini

In this course, unravel how Gemini, Google Cloud’s smart helper, safeguards your cloud setup. Learn to execute various tasks on Google Cloud, identify security lapses with Gemini, and rectify them promptly. Practical exercises provide a glimpse into how Gemini bolsters your cloud security.

Course Link:- Click Here

Google Gemini Free Courses

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6. The DevOps Engineer’s Gemini

Brace yourself to explore how Gemini can streamline engineers’ lives. Learn to enlist Gemini’s help in perusing application logs, setting up GKE clusters, and determining optimal build space creation methods. Engage in hands-on labs to witness firsthand how Gemini adds zest to the DevOps process.

Course Link:- Click Here

7. End-to-end SDLC with Gemini

Discover how Gemini can aid you in utilizing Google’s tools and services to create, test, launch, and manage applications seamlessly. With Gemini’s guidance, embark on building a web app, troubleshooting issues, creating tests, and extracting data effortlessly. Through interactive labs, witness how Gemini enhances the software development process.

Course Link:- Click Here

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8. Gemini and Streamlit: GenAI App Development

Get ready for some cool learning in this intermediate course! Dive into text generation, Python tinkering, and utilizing the Gemini API. Learn to assemble a Streamlit app and deploy it on Cloud Run. Throughout the course, experiment with different techniques to spark text generation in Gemini, fine-tune your Streamlit app using Cloud Shell, and finally, package it in a Docker container for deployment on Cloud Run. It’s like learning digital magic tricks!

Course Link:- Click Here


Embrace the Learning Journey with Gemini!
Each of these courses is a gateway to unlocking the full potential of Google Gemini. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Gemini today and embark on a journey of discovery and growth like never before!

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